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The rain has stopped (at least for now) and spring has come to the vineyard!

Quiet Time

Its late-January here on Sonoma Mountain and the vineyard is quiet and resting. The vines have been pruned and are relaxing before growing season starts in the spring. We’ve had a good amount of rain and there is more in the forecast for the coming week. These are ideal conditions and we’re excited about the coming year!

Making the 2018 Pigasus Merlot

We decided to do a little experimentation in our second year of owning this beautiful vineyard. We are trying to better understand what this terrior produces and what better way than to make a little wine!

We’ll follow the fruit from the harvest on September 24th, to the winery, and ultimately to the bottle. Be sure to check back for updates as the process unfolds in coming months and years.

2018 Harvest

On September 24th, we picked sauvignon blanc and a small section of merlot. For Dale, it was a bit like Christmas morning!

Veraison Under Way

Veraison is underway in our Pinot blocks. Harvest could be three weeks away!

Hand Leafing

In early July, we moved wires across the vineyard and hand leafed all of the vines. Now we patiently wait for Mother Nature to do her ripening magic with sunshine and cooling afternoon ocean breezes.

Grafting and Pruning

Pruning done; new blocks of Sauvingnon Blanc and Semillon budded over. Now we wait for bud break — fingers crossed that all the grafts take!